Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another great day....Swimming, Hills and Driver's Education

After a great Saturday morning swim at Baylor (2600m) I headed over to SMU to watch some close friends compete in the Dam swim meet.
From there I headed to White Rock Lake to meet up with Playtri to do hill repeats. It was killer...45 minutes continuous hill work. 12 laps of the Loving hill route. I got to meet and train with Ron Tribendis. He destroyed us in the hills. He just got back from New Zealand from Training Camp -- (called Epic).

Ahmed was parked at the peak of the hill on his moped shouting instructions and calling us a few select names....I loved it.

From there, back to the farm to teach my youngest daughter how to drive. It's great, we barrel through the pastures without a care in the world...

Life is good...

Have a great week.