Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Austin Triathlon

The first triathlon I entered in 2008 was the Austin Triathlon (Olympic) back in September. This picture is where all cyclists take a hard right coming down Congress Avenue. You can see the State Capitol in the background.

I got to see Brandon Marsh, Kelly Handel and James Cotter do a presentation at the race expo. My wave was the last to go and I got to see the elite athletes finish up their swims. They are incredibly fast. Kelly Handel was the first woman out of the water edging out Andrea Fisher. Brandon Marsh was the first male. They both won $500 for being first. It was very impressive watching James Cotter, Jason McMillan and Ahmed Zaher chasing Brandon out of the water and sprinting to their bikes.

My swim went fairly well and my bike was decent. Although, on the bike I witnessed an ole boy crash flying down Congress. He hit a cone, went airborne and crashed hard on his back. No question, the helmet saved his life because his head whiplashed onto the pavement.

I finished up the run and was eighth in my age group with a 2:26. I sure would like to make this an annual event. Those Jack & Adam boys did a great job putting on this race. I would highly recommend it.

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William Ritter said...

Hey Kelly,

what races are you planning on for 2009? hope things are well.